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Garden talks 2018 - 2019

September 2018

The Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park

Chris Margrave:  Head Gardener

October 2018

Geoffrey Smith Memorial Lecture

Caroline Smith:  Memories of my Father

December 2018

Gardening for Wildlife

Barry Bishop:  RSPB York

November 2018

Old Site, New Gardens

Alison Pringle;  Curator, York Museum Gardens

January 2019

The Changing Faces of National Trust Gardens in York

Sam Shipman:  Head Gardener for York Area Properties

February 2019

Camassia, Chris, Chelsea and Chaos

Stella Exley:  Hare Spring Cottage Plants Nursery

March 2019

Slack Top Alpine Nursery

Michael and Allison MItchell

April 2019

My Landscaping journey from ABC to the Welcome to Yorkshire Garden at Chelsea 2018

Mark Gregory