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Garden talks 2018 - 2019

September 2018

The Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park

Chris Margrave:  Head Gardener

October 2018

Geoffrey Smith Memorial Lecture

Caroline Smith:  Memories of my Father

December 2018

Gardening for Wildlife

Barry Bishop:  RSPB York

November 2018

Old Site, New Gardens

Alison Pringle;  Curator, York Museum Gardens

January 2019

The Changing Faces of National Trust Gardens in York

Sam Shipman:  Head Gardener for York Area Properties

February 2019

Camassia, Chris, Chelsea and Chaos

Stella Exley:  Hare Spring Cottage Plants Nursery

March 2019

Slack Top Alpine Nursery

Michael and Allison MItchell

May 2019

Cut Flower farming -the Holme Flowers story

Sue Barrington and Wendy Jefferson

April 2019

My Landscaping journey from ABC to the Welcome to Yorkshire Garden at Chelsea 2018

Mark Gregory