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Frank's marathon flower quiz

So here is the first marathon quiz with the theme on “Flowers”

Non gardeners might want to read up on flower books..... Hint: think of names of flowers and try to fit them in somewhere!!!

Answers now given after clue. Hope you all enjoyed the quiz and a thank you again to Frank.  

The answers are all names of common (or not so common) garden flowers. The clues are a mixture of factual, anagrams and cryptic. Sometimes the answer is right there in front of you! Only one answer per line please!


1) A trophy from the dairy? Buttercup

2) Turn sore in the festive season. Christmas rose

3) Are they on Basil Brush’s hands? Foxglove

4) Take a vehicle to a country. Carnation

5) Might be an old form of punishment?! Stocks

6) A mad March one can ring. Harebell

7) Cycle mat is in there somewhere. Clematis

8) She might be singing on a tandem. Daisy

9) See if you can stop inks fading. Pinks

10) The welsh one blooms in spring Daffodil

11) Use the bee’s produce to feed a babe? Honeysuckle

12) The one that jumps over the moon may slide Cowslip

13) Footwear for a gentlewoman? Ladies slipper

14) A sugary vegetable is colourful Sweet pea

15) I can see the pan’s yellow from here. Pansy

16) I goad Lil into doing the twist! Gladioli

17) Sounds to hurry to a watering place. Speedwell

18) The small horse may go round in an easterly direction. Peony

19) Biblical wise man closes the envelope. Soloman's Seal

20) Sounds as if romance can enter thin fog. Love in the Mist

21) Big Bill’s not sour! Sweet William

22) You can go round when Philip say “Go”. Gypsophilia

23) This sweet’s got a small clump of grass on. Candytuft

24) It is slower fun if you spin another way. Sunflower

25) May be a colourful heated metal rod. Red Hot Poker

26) Scour with carbon for saffron. Crocus.  

27) Gallop gently to inter Big Ben! Canterbury Bell

28) I rise to look for colourful ball! Iris

29) It could be the universe. Cosmos

30) I hear it may relax a vital organ. Heartsease

31) Take Sal via the line to get there. Salvia

32) Could you play music on this one? Viola

33) Does it grow from an upright brick structure? Wallflower

34) If B. R agree to change things it gets easy. Gerbera

35) The scamp I once saw is white. Campion

36) It might be found in a rock pool. Anemone

37) This one’s in the rainbow. Violet

38) Bird on a railway branch. Larkspur

39) A grain with a bloom! Cornflower

40) Does the chap from the AA laze around? Azalea

41) It could make a clean sweep. Broom

42) It’s the city with dignity. London Pride

43) L.H. Hockoly will grow quite tall. Hollyhock

44) A very active Queen! Busy Lizzie

45) If you watch Lil you’ll do it right. Lily

46) When hanged, Ray spun round and round. Hydrangea

47) I watched the Zulu pine away. Lupin

48) For remembrance in Norfolk? Poppy

49) Did it lead the wise men to here? Star of Bethlehem

50) Put uranium in the slot that turns. Lotus

51) When things become confused, I.e. fares, that’s it! Freesia

52) The master loses his head. Aster

53) Blackleg has some receipts for borrowed money! Scabious

54) Take 45 for 24 hours. Day Lily

55) Please remember me! Forget me Knot

56) A girl who’s been in a fight? Blackeyed Susan

57) Dr. Choi comes from the east. Orchid

58) She’s also called Erica.Heather

59) And I’m Jane’s confused sister!! Jasmine

60) She tries keeping up appearances with a bucket! Hyacinth

61) It was lit up another way round. Tulip

62) You could get wise in Leeds. Eidelweiss

63) These assorted ones are in mugs. Geraniums

64) Take Calil back to get it please. Lilac

65) I hear there’s not many with a high temperature! Feverfew

66) Watch Tim argue rites to get it straight. Marguerite

67) He’ll promise to get round with the eighteenth letter. Primrose

68) With planting or setting it’s a prickly customer! Gorse

69) Visiting a garden I always look for this one. Gardenia

70) Game of cards with a mythical reptile! Snapdragon

71) Not a young lad’s facial adornment. Old Man's Beard

72) One for remembrance from a cold country. Iceland poppy

73) In a roundabout way L.J. Quoin finds it. Jonquil

74) Is the little wren moving slowly and timidly? Creeping Jenny

75) A drinking vessel for the royal male. Kingcup

76) Is it the wading bird’s account?Cranesbill

77) Drop coin in tea and it will bloom! Aconite

78) Would you boil ale to make this one? Lobelia

79) The pumping organ is losing blood. Bleeding Heart

80) So Mima got herself confused did she? Mimosa

81) If you hide plum in another way, it’s clear! Delphinium

82) Does the cleric love reading in the meadow? Clover

83) I hear this girl is taking a country walk. Rambling Rose

84) Is Miss Langtry in a dale? Lily of the Valley

85) Looking right at supper I wink left eye! Periwinkle

86) Sounds to wed precious metal! Marigold

87) Because he ail, had to go back. Dahlia

88) Dan and Ed turns to join the big cat. Dandelion

89) A sad one on the front door? Bluebell

90) Sounds a collection of sheep, goats or geese! Nerine

91) Take the confused cat away from the nectarine. Phlox

92) Put 45 on liquid. Water lilies

93) Is it a rich yellow stick? Golden Rod

94) Stan Muirut adapts well to change. Nasturtium

95) Go round, is sun in cars? Narcissus

96) Played by campanologists in Dublin? Bells of Ireland

97) From the seeds that fell amongst the rocks? Stonecrop

98) Look, a silly ram answered back! Amaryllis

99) Is it a young horse’s hoof? Coltsfoot

100) Does softly frozen rain fall? Snowdrop