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 We have a Zoom presentation on Tuesday 15th June at 7pm


"All Muck and Magic? The Answer lies in the soil."



Geoff Hodge MCIHort


The roots of plants are very important - which means the soil or compost they grow in is vital to their growth and overall health of the plant. Yet some people disregard soil as "that brown stuff in the garden!"

Why is soil important?


To find out more, go to http://gardenforumhorticulture.co.uk


We are resuming garden visits, as shown below.

If you would like to join us, please contact the membership secretary.


    29th May 2021     Cobble Cottage, Whixley,  York

                                               3 July 2021     East Keswick Wildlife Trust, East Keswick, Leeds

                                9 July 2021    York Gate, Back Church Lane Adel, Leeds



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